Cuiheng New District Qibu District Bridge Bidding Project

The project located in Cuiheng New District of Zhongshan sits exactly in the geometrical center of Pearl River Delta, which endows it with profound cultural background and gorgeous ecological environment. Taking “Double-Axis Making a Ring, Seven Bridges Inlayed” as design strategies, SED designers create waterfront landscape corridor and green ecological corridor in the project. The idea not only provides series connection of traffic, but also enables functional continuity between green space and primitive ecological space surrounded, responding “Forest Green”, the ecological feature of this project.

The winding body of Bridge No. 1 looks like a green vine connecting both sides. The ribbon-shape plan crossing over the river creates a green scenery line.

Bridge No. 3 is named “Fish Dive”, implying fish big splash. Strong and power bridge body looks like lovely dolphin leaping on the ocean, symbolizing the vigorous development of the new district.

Bridge No. 4 “Flying Dragon” looks as if a dragon breaking the surface of the ocean. The bridge connecting green land parks on both shores, which creates a unique landmark landscape for the bay. The design makes it a sculpture, providing an all-round aesthetical experience for the visitors. 

Bridge No. 5 nearby the Yixian Bay takes the meaning of “The Boat of Life”. The boat steering to the river banks on both sides also realizes ecological connections. The design introduces green land slow traffic system so as to create a brand-new ecological water bridge 

The Bridge No. 6 creates cocoon shape to cover the bridge structure, in addition to the lighting design, achieving perfect integration of landscape artistry and the bridge’s functionality. 

Bridge No.7 uses two different arch ribs on both sides to create a distinctive butterfly, thus we call it “Jade Butterfly”. Diversified visual effects are wonderfully achieved by the changes of bridge’s inhaul cables. 

“Cristal Pupa”, the Bridge No. 8 is inspired by the structure of puparium. The shape is successfully formed by the perfect cooperation of the bridge’s arch and the haul cables. The design provides the visitors a particularly interesting experience that seems they are walking above the water.