Kai Tak Fantasy, HKSAR

Kai Tak, the former airport of Hong Kong is to be developed into an exciting world-class leisure and entertainment hub. In line with such a goal, the design takes organic forms from Vine, a significant symbol of nature, to create an overwhelming contrast with Hong Kong’s typical bulky concrete environment, and thus sparkle people’s imagination for fantasy.

<p style=\\"\\\\"white-space:\\">Within the site, the design sets up a sequence of 7 scenes along the vine-like elevated walkway structures. These scenes are, Future City, Vertical Forest, A Seafront Vine, Green Blanket, Airplane Museum, On the Sea, and Shelter Park. Each scene offers different spacial experience and views. The scenes join the Kwun Tong waterfront revitalization to complete a green loop around the Kwun Tong typhoon shelter.