Footbridge Project of Railway Related Municipal Sports Park, Nanshan District

After years of development, Houhai Bay of Nanshan District has become a modern peninsula area which fuses picturesque mountain view and ocean view, a holiday resort which integrates high-tech industry, culture & education, scientific research and featured tourism. The relationship between the area and the natural views not only refers to the geomorphic feature, but also showcases the distinctive local culture. It emphasizes the harmonious relationship between human and nature, which is exactly the sustainable development philosophy of Nanshan.

The Bridge No.3 named as “Mountain” is located in the sports park’s north end, connecting with the Foreign Language Middle School and CBD of Qianhai Free Trade Zone. The location makes it a significant urban display surface, therefore it is highly recommended to create a landscape bridge that could positively identify the city’s image.

The concept evolves from the mountain’s upright spirit and implies Shenzhen people’s braveness and innovation when exploring at the forefront of reform. Introducing green to bridge design in one hand showcases scientific innovation, in another hand, emphasizes ecological construction. The bridge lies in the north of the other two, which is also the south end of Qianhai Free Trade Zone. As part of the sports park’s entry landscape, it also plays an essential role for highlighting the city’s image. Functionality and ornamental value are given full considerations in the design that the vertical green land system on the bridge is well combined with those underneath, enhancing the overall ecological features and landscape effects.

The Bridge No. 2 located in the middle of the park is called “Sea”. It is advisable to provide simple and open design with minimum investment in this project since it is relatively close to the bridges in the south and north.

The waved profile of this bridge is supported by single truss, creating such a slim body that it looks like a dragon leaping out of the water, lively and gracefully. The design fully reveals the beauty of the structure to the maximum and also implies the mutually harmonious development of the two shores.

“City”, the Bridge No.1 sits in the southernmost of the three. As the entry in the south, it is imparted with a certain degree of importance to identify the city’s image.

The design prototype of the bridge is the vertical lines of urban buildings. In combination with the concise broken lines, the sense and beauty of modernity of Nanshan New Town is fully presented. The bridge body is designed to be supported by steel-girder structure and wrapped by decorative plates. The city is the carrier of people, while the concept of “Mountain-Sea City” complies with peaceful coexistence of human and nature.