Shenzhen Futian District Xintian Community Park

It is an urban space which is 35 meters wide and 400 meters long. When we encountered this project, firstly, we teased out the existing vegetation by removing the small trees whose diameter is less than 150mm and preserving the big trees. To respect and moreover, activate the site, transplant or complementary planting were adopted for those existing bushes with favorable effect. Secondly, attentions were mainly put on the site’s functionality. Taking cycle track and sidewalk into considerations, we provided space for people to stay, to enhance the linkage between people and the site, constructing more integrated landscape space. Logo wall, featured plants and creative paving were added in order to create a more distinctive street park. We also referred to Low Impact Development idea, using permeable pavement to accelerate rainwater infiltration and relieve discharge pressure, so as to improve the urban storm water management system and foster an ecological and environmental urban environment.