China Overseas·Lagoon Manor, Chengdu (Community)

When we mention the academy in ancient China, well-mannered scholars and diffuse ink will firstly spring to mind, a small academy embraced by lush vegetation, exquisite stationeries and well-sorted books on the desk, the teacher sitting next to it and the scholars taking a bow.

Chengdu, undoubtedly, has a long history of academy culture, and the “WENWENGSHISHI” originated from Tang Dynasty is the best evidence. So, this project takes the academy culture as design basement, connecting entrance, main courtyard, private garden and high-rise landscape with the culture defined like “YUJING”, “GUANHU”, “CHUANSHI” and “LEJIA”. This combination of landscape and culture, fulfill the courtyard with academy feeling in ancient Chengdu, while also constructing a kind of quiet and comfortable living condition.