Landscape Design of Unit 19 Block 03 in Shenzhen Qianhai FTSZ

This project is located in the central area of Unit 19 within the Ma Bay, Qianhai FTSZ, occupying a total of 6.42 hectares. SED was tasked with landscape design of three office spaces: “Qianhai holding Tower”, “XLK Tower”, and “SF Express Tower”. Following the theme of creating “multi-layered, and interesting full-time active urban spaces” from the urban planning, our mission is to design an interconnected system of public spaces with ideal scaling and multi-functional potential to maximize its unity. SED realized such vision by introducing the concept of “lives on the cloud”, which aims to summarize our thoughts on the landscape design of the entire unit. A wide range of decorative greens stretches from the elevated walkway to the rain garden then covers the civil public spaces and into the flood way #2 in the end. A rich selection of local flowers bloom over the elevated walkway and rain gardens bringing warmth, color and texture in to the site. SED also tailor our design according to the different identities of each business on site to characterize our landscape design style of modernity, technicality and forward-thinking. This landscape design focus on ecological sustainability by making materials of our design recyclable.