Red Sanal Wood Moutain project organically blends the architecture in classical Chinese style with the natural sloping, waters, green leaves and flowers. Based on classical Chinese landscape, the design creates pools in various shapes, water cascades and fountain features as central pieces, inserts with lush greenery, natural stone pieces, featured pavilions and trellises. Sculptures, ornaments and reliefs full of vitality contribute to decorate the entire space. In addition to the virtual-real transformation, a traditionally local landscape is forged finally. 

Red Sandal Wood Mountain, Chengdu

In the layout planning, the villas are scattered in arc shape with the lake area as center. The distances between the buildings are well controlled in 18m-22m so as to avoid depressed feelings casued. Four main landscape clusters embrace each other with a certain degree of independence. The space enclosed is also beneficial for consideration of Fengshui. Various spacial changes and be-level landscape layers penetrate into every single cluster, from green corridor to central lake are, showcasing our natural, modern and ecological design concept.