Wuhan Office

SED Wuhan office was established in 2019, with the pursuit for exquisite projects in the Chinese market focusing on clients from central China. We aim to create an ideal living environment both physically and spiritually based on new design theories, new materials and new techniques as well as traditional customs and local cultural. We invite you to explore a higher way of life through better designs, a set of living ideals beyond landscape in central China alongside SED Wuhan.

Multi-regional cooperation, aim for a system of dynamic high-value landscape values

Under the leadership of Shenzhen HQ and assistances from other regional offices, SED Wuhan takes on the entire landscape service circle from schematic design to construction drawing design. SED Wuhan aims for the full realization of a project  and expressions of landscape values through careful analysis of its regional characteristics, users’ demands and cultural identity.

Maximize experience + management dual competitive advantages


1.  multi-advantages of an established brand

○  Expertise advantage

Twenty years of international landscape design and planning experiences as well as robust managements and design teams are great support for SED Wuhan on both urban and residential landscape designs.


○  Talent advantage

SED Wuhan has multiple professional teams and talented directors as well as full support from Chinese directors from Shenzhen HQ and foreign directors acting as the main control and support.


○ Technical advantage

(1) On technical system: SED Wuhan introduces virtual conference system, VR, overall search system, video lecture system and more. These supports help designers to overcome time and spaces becoming better designers.


(2) On project info managements, SED Shenzhen HQ, Changsha Office, Wuhan Office, Chengdu Office, Xinjiang Office, Shanghai Office and Hong Kong Office are able to reach the frontier of design innovations. This ensures information of outstanding projects as well as standardized qualifications can be passed throughout the entire system in a very timely fashion.


○  Resource advantage

(1)SED Wuhan are hosting design competitions, brainstorm sessions, design workshops constantly to put some sparks into our designers.

(2) Constant technical communications between Shenzhen HQ and other regional offices ensures constant improvements and innovations.


(3) Varies team managers and directors will lead frequent project visits to Suzhou, Chengdu and other places with great project to enhance our understanding of landscape and widen our vision of design.


(4)SED established healthy relationships through project cooperation with Vanke Group, Sunac Group, Jinmao Group, CSCEC Group, Aoyuan Group, Yango Group, BRC Group, Country Garden Group and other top tier real estate developers and varies local government.


2.  dynamic and consist management

SED Wuhan embraces an active, open and simple flat management system and encourages open communications. We believe, a complete and capable team is the productive path to better design advancements and completion of high-quality projects. We welcome new designers to participate in multiple projects in order to learn and improve.

“We hope every outstanding designer not only can work here, but more importantly live here.”


Address: Junlin International Rm1109, Xu Dong Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Phone: 027-59805959