As one of China's most important driving forces in creating living environments, SED is dedicated to providing diversified high-quality design services following the speed of rapidly-developed cities. SED has a range of professional authentications including the Grade A Qualification of National Landscape Architecture Engineer Design. SED always advocates collective interests first, customer value orientation and enterprise value orientation based on cutting-edge innovation. By persisting in the enterprise design vision of “3T+” and the synergetic development concept of “headquarters + branch offices”, SED aims to create sustainable living environments, uplift the living standards and promote the creation of sustainable ecological environments by introducing the following technical principles: THINK, TEAMWORK and TECHNOLOGY.


SED’s business started in the mainland of China in 2000, headquartered in Shenzhen CBD. 

In order to better our service, we successively set up Southwest Regional Office in Chengdu in 2006, Shanghai Branch in 2011, Xinjiang and HongKong office in 2013 and Changsha office in 2014 and Wuhan office in 2019. SED also passed the Hong Kong and Britain ISO9001 Quality System Authentication. 

Company services

Offer Cosmopolitan Environment

Urban Planning Design

City space is all-inclusive and it takes extremely long time to form distinctive histories of its own. To know it, to control it and to drive it towards better development therefore become the responsibilities of planning. 

Create Dynamic Urban Space

City & Public Space Design

Fill “Negative Space” with more fun and create qualitative changes for the citizens nearby. Its value lies on the progressive course, bring the city with positive changes unconsciously.

Construct Commercial New Landmark 

Commercial Real Estate Design

Commercial complex in city is an optimized combination of various architectural forms and living spaces, coexisting in an organic system. All the functions are interdependent so as to fulfill a multi-functioned and high-efficient complex.

Enjoy Luxurious Tourist Resort Living

Hotel & Resort Design

In the hope of realizing harmonious and sustainable development between human and nature, we always persist in “human-oriented” concept, seek for sustainable utilizations of resources, respect the nature and make use of ecological technologies.

Build Characteristic Real Estate

Pension Real Estate & Featured Industrial Park Design

The human society is getting increasingly characteristic, humanized, diversified and comprehensive, while pension real estate & featured industrial park gains more and more attentions from people. As a result, it is of great significance to build a distinctive image and create more identified design for the industrial park.

Define High-Quality Residential Standards

Residential & Community Design

Carry out “human-oriented” design concept to showcase the ideas of new fashion and new house. Enhance the closeness of “people, architecture and environment” to create flexible architectural & landscape space.