By persisting in the enterprise’s design concept and vision “3T plus” which is put forward by SED’s General Manager Mr. Huang Jianfeng, team, technology and thinking are placed in the first place during the design process. Whenever a new project comes into being, SED will always try to endow the design with more cultural and international elements in order to enable best implement of the excellent design for each project.

Team work

After years of practices, SED has accomplished a large number landscape projects and gained trusts from different customer groups. In addition to Shenzhen headquarters, SED has also set up five branches which respectively are Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xinjiang and Changsha. Projects therefore could be superiorly implemented owing to the technological supports and instructions from the headquarters as well as timely on-site visits enabled by branch offices located in different areas.


SED’s distinctive experience and value lie in its 9 technology standards throughout the whole design process even till the construction maintenance stage. A comprehensive project management takes shape, which ensures the projects can be effectively controlled and promotes the company's sound development by introducing most updated materials and technologies.


SED has been striving for becoming the thought leader in the industry. It dares to challenge traditional and common design concepts and has the courage to voice in academic forums, introducing distinctive opinions for the masses from different perspectives.SED aims to provide best solutions for the clients via multi-specialty & multi-realm analysis, all-round communication with international design force on project planning and development, and thoughtful on-site service.

+ beyond landscape

“+” Plus implies the breakout of SED Landscape Architect Ltd. Besides its original meaning, design actually more refers to transformation of life and betterment of life attitude, namely some kind of pursuit and experience on life. As the pioneer who promotes diversified living, landscape designers must have broader vision and keen insights into the development of social life. They should also experience high quality life style, define landscape diversification so as to share with others and highly praise diversified noble life.