Chengdu Office

By adhering to the innovative 3T+ concept, international professional team and rigorous technical standards created by the headquarters, SED’s Western Regional Company has become a regional management organization, realizing the Three-Level Management System that refers to strategic head office, professional regions and united management. Both Chengdu branch office and Xinjiang subsidiary office are under the regional company. Its business covers in more than 10 cities in the southwest and northwest of China, such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guiyang, Xi’an, Lanzhou and Urumqi etc.

We work out a series of featured services to ensure responsibilities for both our customers and projects, guarantee unification of design quality rendered by different regional offices. 

1.Management Regionalization 

By collecting the business resources of the regional offices and the major cities surrounded, the management is regionalized for precise-target operation. 

2.Timely Site Control

Geographical advantages of each branch offices are favorable for timely follow-up of the construction and ensure better implementation.

3.Quality Service for Local Clients

Give full play to the strengths of head office and branch offices in design resources, introduce 3T+ concept into the design criterion, so that best implementation could be guaranteed for each project.

As SED’s main power in the western area, Chengdu branch office was set up in 2006. Now as the headquarters of the western region, it develops distinctive operation modes of its own: 

1.Mode of Management, Allocation and Coordination

It is a type of mode that the head office is responsible for strategic layout, while the Chengdu branch office takes charge of management, coordination and allocation. The high-level technical management staff has been elaborately trained in the headquarters for years, and the middle-level technical staff was sent to headquarters for training till he was qualified for the position.

2. Vital Skill Improvement 

Improvement of Chengdu team’s construction drawing design skill could be beneficial to supporting some of the headquarters’ construction drawing tasks. 

3.Union of 6 Companies

The traditional independent operation is broken in SED that the resources and technology of all the offices will be under united coordination, so that they could complement each other’s advantages and hang tight together for common improvement in design quality. 

Chengdu Office: 5F, Block 6, U37 Idea Loft, Shuinianhe South 3rd Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan

T: 028-85268646