SED was established in The YueGangAo Greater Bay area with 20 years of experiences and projects in 32 different provinces in China. Seven years after the creation of SED, SED set up the Hong Kong office in 2013 with a global vision and reshape its brand in 2020: SED+. As a front-runner in international creativity, SED+ focuses on designing with an Urbanism approach. A team composed of designers from different parts of the world provides dynamic values to our clients and high-quality landscape design to the general society through exploring original landscape designs.

1. Seamless Connection to International Designs

SED+ earned its reputation as it provides landscape design service both locally in Hong Kong and international clients.

2. A Team with International Vision

SED+ has a team of elite designer with many years of landscape design experiences, international standards and advanced design visions, capable of providing high-quality design services.

3. Cutting-Edge Design Ideas and Visions

SED+ mobilizes its advantageous location in Hong Kong, an inclusive city with rich international cultural background, to draw inspirations from a global environments maximizing on innovations.


Address:  Unit 2601, 26F, Ocean Building, No. 80 Shanghai Street, Jordon, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: 00852-34603655