Congratulations to SED on winning the Third Prize Entry of Professional Group in 2014 Design Ideas Competition for Kai Tak River·Kai Tak Development

The design team from SED, led by its founder, Mr. Jianfeng HUANG, defeated more than 90 works from inland and oversea and won the 3rd prize in the professional group.

As the current Secretary for Development of Hong Kong, Mr. Paul Chan Mo Po said in the Awards Ceremony, the public showed their strong willing to support the construction of Kai Tak Nullah to turn it into an attractive urban green promenade as the information the government collected from the questionnaire. The citizens want more space for public activities and rest area meanwhile the drainage capacity of Kowloon East to be enhanced. To meet the need of the public, we named Kai Tak Nullah as Kai Tak River and make it a riverfront walking promenade and add into unique urban landscape and offer more convenience to the public, making it an important brand of the Kai Tak Development.