SED Gained the 2nd Prized of Pingshan New District Crecent Park Design Compeition

The review meeting of Pingshan New District Crecent Park Construction Engineering Design Competition (2nd Stage) was hold in Pingshan Management Bureau, Shenzhen Planning Committee of Land and Resources. Mr. Huang Zhengqin, the office director of Pingshang New District and other governmental departments attended the meeting which was whole-process supervised by Pingshan New District Disciplinary Inspection & Supervision Bureau. The jury committee consists of nine experts (Chen Yixin, Li Min, Pang Wei, Su Xiaogeng, Wang Dingyue, Zhu Wenbo, Zhang Weitong, Zhang Zhiyang, Zhang Yunlong). They further discuss on the deliverables after presentations of five design firms, and Floating Vine, SED’s scheme finally gained the 2nd prize after three rounds’ of open vote.

In the plan, SED aimed to build it as spine and engine of Pingshan New District. Based on the eco-city guide, the design used the sponge city concept and measures, such as ecological drainage way, wetland, rain garden, bio-swale, grass-planting bricks, etc. which have remitted the flood, the rain, the wildlife migration.