SED Best Moments

Changsha, well known as Star City, just stepped into its early summer time with beautifully sunny days.  In the afternoon of Jun 9th, 2017, the event RUN FOR FUN rang up the curtain in Orange Islet of Changsha and SED Changsha Office was honored to join this thoroughly high sports carnival.

The running route was planned to follow the Orange Islet Scenic Spot that the designers could fully enjoy the running as well as savor the enchanting scenes. It was really great pleasure through which one could gain perfect relaxation. 

There were many runners dressing in COSPLAY or other distinctively-featured costume. The event therefore became a stage where people could free themselves and show their personality.

Even the racing route was full of fun and interest. The runners were requested to run through colorful bubbles, leaving everyone joyful memories. 

It was an event to release oneself, to break through oneself and to entertain oneself.