Children’s Day Special Event: I am A Little Designer

On the festival moment, SED invites the lovely kids to the office where their parents are working to join our Childen’s Day Special Event: I am a little designer. We also specially invite the teacher from BB-Touch (an early education center) to join us.

All the kids spent the whole day as a little designer. They were showing around the office and recognized what daddy or mummy was doing everyday. Under the teacher’s instruction, they even gained the chance to touch the design tools, learning the functions.

I am a little Designer • Graffiti    

The children were asked to play imaging, continue the stick drawings that drafted by the designers and add colors to complete the final works together.

I am a little Designer • Clay Construction 

Clay construction is one of the kids’favorite programs. They have a certain degree of understanding in construction and most of them are even able to independently complete the works with their imagination and creativeness.  

After all of these, delicious cakes were well prepared for the lovely little ones. Their arrival brought the entire office with laughter and fun, showing us an interestingly different world in kids’ eyes.

Wish our little friends a happy Children’s Day, healthy and happy growth!