SED Changsha New Office Relocation Notice!

On May 4, 2016, because of the SED changsha branch sound development, the company scale and better service the customer demand, SED new Westwood said goodbye to the changsha branch colleagues with deep feelings of green business stevie house international building, the new center moved to changsha mei sihu CBD, highly concentrated here may sihu international economic, technological and cultural force in the new town, and SED changsha increasingly aggressive complement each other. International design team, cutting-edge design ideas and technical support in line with international standards, it is the power of SED Westwood growing new source.

SED to new offices not only expand the original office and audio-visual space, and the new increasing exhibition space and entertainment space, believe that in such an environment coordinate encourages designers to form a new culture and way of working, full set of ideas and inspiration, make the landscape design works both in technology and culture connotation has greater ascension!