Lake Blossom

China Overseas • Lake blossom is located in the most gorgeous livable place in Chongqing— Chongqing Ecological Park. It integrates the east and west part of Chongqing city, running across the north and the south land, just like flying dragon absorbing water. Following the local featured landform, the design creates several landscape groups to define different peninsulas vary in shapes. They set off each other, making interestingly aesthetic scenes. 

Established in the center of Chongqing Ecological Park, the International Resort of China Overseas • Lake blossom is imparted with unique ecological environment, being the last pure land that the city treasures up. The project targets to be top of the “Healthcare” industry, constructs a leisure resort in featured town style, and combines oriental traditional living ideas with advanced living concept from the western countries, implementing a human-friendly lake-side living space where people could savor tranquilness in the busy city.