China Resources·Dachong Xincheng Garden, Shenzhen (Commerce)

The project is located within the east zone of Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park. It is the largest urban village renovation project in Shenzhen which introduces brand new business structure and lifestyle. The on-ground space has three levels, of which the first level and the second level are mainly for commercial use with comprehensive functions. Each building has two entries which connect to the commercial space and high-rise residence respectively. Additionally, there is a leisure plaza which could accommodate both the visitors and residents.

In this project, the designers try to preserve the historical buildings such as Dachong Stone, Zheng’s Ancestral Temple and Da Wang Temple, and transform them into the public spaces via modern techniques. The perfect combination of instructive paving and seat walls in geometrical shape imparts people with both Shenzhen’s history in the past and Shenzhen’s vitality in the new era.