Sunac·Riverside Grand View

The light leads the space and the function leads the form. In the landscape of this project, the integration of light, space and time interprets different surprises in difference places that people could feel the natural rhythms almost everywhere.  Traditional oriental connotation and courtesy are well continued in the creation of the four-layer living space. First layer: Hallway. The symmetrical design combines with featured wall with ink painting, sharing people with homage to life. Second layer: Zen-style Space. The seasonal changes bring people with proper relaxation and leisureliness. Third layer: Tree Space. The cherry blossom grove leads people to an open space suddenly. While the corridor and reflecting pool present diversified forms in the light and time. Fourth layer, Sunken Courtyard. When passing through the sales center, people arrive at a sunken courtyard with water curtain wall where they could listen to the murmur of the water, enjoy the dancing water, taste the tea and enjoy the tranquil and wonderful times.