Longhua New District Green Corridor (Phase III)

The site is located in the core area of Minzhi in Longhua New District. There are three plots in total, two among which make up the north park and the south park is planned to be the starting point of Longhua Green Valley Park.

Here, natural green land and trees create intimate linkages between human and nature.  WIFI service is provided in the Internet Zone, so that people are able to access more social information. Good costume dress is originating by the nice sewing, “the city is also.” Our purpose is to realize seamless connection between the picturesque green land and the city, weaving a better life, constructing a beautiful city and making a project featured as low impact development, low-carbon lifestyle, people-to-people exchanges and ecological science popularization.

The softscape perfectly follows the general design style and showcases the site’s landscape features. Distinctive greenery clusters are the basic elements to compose the diversified landscape spaces. The designers target to seek for unification in changes and highlight the features in unification, creating a bright and colorful landscape that fantastically decorated by gradient plants.