Pension & Tourism Real Estate

The position that we set for the project is to build a new lifestyle for the senior, enable unprecedented intimacy between the architecture and the residents’ spiritual life, and construct a cultural living community customized for the senior by proposing “pension tourism”. 

The planning and design of the senior’s house should not only meet the demands on safety, sanitation and convenience, but also show loving care for the senior, what’s more, consider the psychological problems referred in the social psychology. In terms of the existing apartments for the aged in China, most of designs attach importance to the medical treatment and functional construction only without any considerations of outdoor environmental planning.

At present, the problems exist in landscape planning for the elderly-oriented tourism project include: 1. The space layout is simple and lacks hierarchy, while the functions are disordered without enough spaces for activities. 2. Green spaces and facilities are insufficient, and the vegetation is dull without aesthetic feeling. 3. The facilities can only meet the requirements of basic living without considering the psychological and physical characteristics of the elderly. 4. Lacking security measures for the elderly.

The outdoor activities for retired life mainly include outgoing, doing exercises, strolling, chatting, eating and mental health caring. In our design, we usually set corridor, sheltered rest area, outdoor use phone, television, message board, outdoor water fountains, music broadcast, etc. When designing the landscape spaces, special attentions will be paid on: 1) Good lighting and sound effect; 2) Continuous spaces, safe and efficient contact; 3) Interesting spaces such as gardening area especially for the elderly; 4) Details such as the convenient traffic and the use of non-slip material.