Detailed Landscape Practice

Through nearly 20 years of rapid development of the real estate business, landscape architecture has been paid more and more attention to. Detailed landscape will be the new trend, which indicates a higher pursuit of functional space, humanistic concerns and quality of details. It becomes very important how to create details, control the design flow and site construction.

Detailed Preliminary Planning:

Vehicular and Pedestrian Circulation Planning:

Categorized Noble Functions:

Vertical Design Improvement:

Functional space with details:

1、Sample Units:

Satisfy sales needs

Adopt softscape solution, to offer cost control and sustainability

Seasonal flowers presenting colorful atmosphere 

Sculptures and ornaments offering highlights

2、Swimming pool:

Reasonable function planning 

Use circulation and standard configuration

material requirements

Softscape features

3、Activity Area:

Children Play Area

Activity Area for the Elderly

Details for Landscape Nodes and Construction Technology:


Enclosure Wall Elements


Humanized Facilities

Detailed Softscape Collocation:

Detailed Site Control: