SED Landscape, Build High-quality Commercial Spaces, Build New City Platform

During the recent 30 years, everyone in China can feel the expansion of cities, and it is the opportunity of SED designer because of the rapid process of urbanization. Since cities appeared, commercial spaces are the key element of city construction, the important carrier of city culture, the emphasis of life’s activity. The commercial landscape design is becoming more and more important.

Modern commercial spaces, for people, are a multi-function space for trading, communicating and recreation. More and more people begin to pay attention to commercial spaces’ buildings, landscape and nature’s harmonious coexistence. Australian scholar says that architecture and landscape must combine together to make up a building that can breathe. A good commercial landscape work must be responsible for the environment, and it must have the sense of place and sustainability.

This issue’s theme is about “Building high-quality commercial spaces, building new city platform”. Under the circumstance of commercial, in accordance with low-carbon, energy conservation and sustainable development principle, SED designed special high quality landscape is a predictable fact. A landscape close to city new fashion, culture and art, synthetic ecology is forming; a new city platform was built.