2017 REARD Real Estate Star Design Award·Award of Excellence

Taikang·Huizhou Luofu Moutain Memorial Park of the Pioneers (Display Area)

The project is enriched by the Spirit of the Pioneers which implies exploration, innovation, unity and contribution. The very cultural core in return introduces our design concept, “Memory of One Generation, Soul of One Country” and reminds people of the time’s development trend. It successfully creates an ecological, landscaping and artistic cemetery, constructing an aesthetic tourist scenic spot equipped with comprehensive functionality and bright atmosphere. There is going to be a peaceful space where people could escape the busy city life.

The design provides the visitors with diversified-level spacial experiences and multi-angle visions. The memorial park with vertical greenery is so naturally modern that it emphasizes social relationship among people, as well as harmonious connections between human beings and nature. The functional combination of memorial park and scenic spot is attached great importance to construct a distinctive tourist attraction with local features.